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Disrupting upstream hiring

Natrespro has created a transparent talent matching platform where both employer and candidate can be connected. We don’t allow recruiters to register, so employers will only contact candidates with immediately available jobs. Our focus is only to list candidates that are active and currently available for work. We only allow high quality, trusted and vetted candidates on the platform - the same applies to our partner employers.

Our talent marketplace will enable employers and candidates to contact and discuss the opportunity directly. The result is an up to date, no-nonsense platform.


Our mission

How we work

Since the crash of 2016, previous expressions such as ‘back to normal’ or ‘the next up-turn’ have been seldom used. A new reality is dawning.
Understanding that recently laid-off staff can be called back to action, hefty finders fees seem excessive. Supplementary DIY hiring approaches such as using social media platforms to scout for candidates can be directly associated with a time & cost penalty, often ill-afforded by busy hiring or technical managers.

Natrespro can eliminate a whole costly time-consuming cycle of advertising, screening & shortlisting. Rather than predicting the future, Natrespro has decided to focus on what a customer requires - right now.


Our team

Steve Alex


Over 30 years in the oil & gas industry. Subject matter expert in many areas of upstream well construction


Head of Sales & Marketing


Steve Hauxwell spearheads the offshore technical expertise of Natrespro and therefore, the core of the platform.

With three decades of experience in the planning and management of upstream oil and gas industry activity across the globe, Steve knows the exact requirement for each role. With recent technical advances, there are many nuances of positions that used to get colloquially referred to as Drillers, Engineers & Geologists. Steve understands the nuances of these roles and the variations around core job titles.

The platform and the database behind it are minutely faceted to make it easy for candidates to select their exact experience, skills, specialities & certifications. Candidates providing their rig history, basin and reservoir experiences will unlock a summary dashboard, unique to Natrespro.

Such is Steve’s commitment to technical expertise, that in his spare time, you’ll find him working building a rig vessel database focused on historical events dating back almost a century.