2 Ways To Secure a Better Future If You're In The O+G Industry

23rd October 2017

A technological dichotomy We live in times of huge technological advancement, a higher quality of life, and at the same time, great insecurity.

Is it time for a grassroots revival in O&G recruiting?

10th June 2017

For many O&G professionals, 2017 was billed as the year of recovery. Sadly, that optimism has now largely fizzled out.

Open letter to all our global connections

29th January 2017

All of us at Natural Resource Professional Ltd. (NATRESPRO) would like to reassure our connections, followers, candidates and clients that we operate an open border, discrimination-free company.

Creating a Sustainable Oil and Gas Industry, a Contradiction in Terms?

9th January 2017

We live in a complex world, and in late 2011 our population total crossed the 7 billion threshold. We often hear emotive calls that the human race should return to a simple lifestyle, but one thing is for certain – we cannot all go and live in caves, and become hunter-gathers as our Neolithic predecessors once did.

When Thank You just isn't enough

19th December 2016

As 2016 ends, and a New Year rapidly approaches it's time to reflect on our achievements over the past twelve months.

Is The Oil Industry Dying? Diligence and Education Is The Key

13th December 2016

The current downturn, 30 months in, has caused many of us to question whether the oil industry is dying.

Treating your resume as a part of your real estate portfolio

5th December 2016

Here's why you should treat your resume (CV) as part of your real estate. Resumes these days are more than just a career summary, they are one part of a complex jigsaw.

A Personal Elevator Pitch - Do You Have One Yet?

2nd December 2016

Elevator pitches are in fashion at the moment... You probably already know about elevator pitches, but do you have a personal elevator pitch? Every now and again, a common business practice gets a ‘make-over' and a new trend begins.

Don't be a Commodity

28th October 2016

Are you keeping up with recent developments? In the past 20 years, employment patterns, prospects and careers have changed exponentially.

I Don't Need Advice, I Just Need a Job

9th August 2016

Use your CV to Promote Yourself Have we chosen a headline grabbing title, or is this just a new reality? Of lately, it's become a common theme, and we struggle to understand just why.

Getting your CV noticed

4th August 2016

Getting your CV noticed How do we get ourselves noticed, in the increasingly competitive world of oil and gas job hunting, as the 'lower for longer' backdrop persists? There are so many options to improve our chances, but prominence should be given to one key focus area - how we sell ourselves.

Why are you always so positive?

11th July 2016

A time to be positive? If you are reading this then you are probably working in the oil and gas industry, and you are an individual who fits into one of these categories: Is experiencing job uncertainty.

Nurture the 'Attitude of Gratitude' to Help Your Career

28th April 2016

At the risk of coming across a little bit 'woo-woo'... First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this article I appreciate it.

The World's First Predictive Time Travelling Tool for Recruiters and Job Hunters

26th April 2016

Update: This blog post was written back when we offered a white glove CV review, re-write and optimisation process.

The road back to work during tough times

28th March 2016

Learning about recruitment trends It makes sense to follow the latest in industry trends and advice from other human resources companies, both in the energy industry and beyond.

Creating Serendipity in Your Career

11th March 2016

When we meet someone interesting, then we see them again for a second time shortly after, a standard greeting we utter is that 'it's a small world'.

Getting Your Resume Noticed

10th February 2016

Oil and gas recruitment is transforming. Sustained low oil prices have made opportunities scarce, and as a result, employers are now far more selective than they used to be.

Entering the Industry During a Rocky Patch?

1st February 2016

New to the oil and gas business? Is it falling apart? While NatResPro got designed for industry professionals with at least five years of experience, we have one eye on the future.