Open letter to all our global connections

29th January 2017

All of us at Natural Resource Professional Ltd. (NATRESPRO) would like to reassure our connections, followers, candidates and clients that we operate an open border, discrimination-free company.

Creating a Sustainable Oil and Gas Industry, a Contradiction in Terms?

9th January 2017

We live in a complex world, and in late 2011 our population total crossed the 7 billion threshold. We often hear emotive calls that the human race should return to a simple lifestyle, but one thing is for certain – we cannot all go and live in caves, and become hunter-gathers as our Neolithic predecessors once did.

Is The Oil Industry Dying? Diligence and Education Is The Key

13th December 2016

The current downturn, 30 months in, has caused many of us to question whether the oil industry is dying.

Making a Bet on the Oil and Gas Industry? Or Folding or Cashing Out?

3rd August 2016

Still here? Are you still in the oil and gas business? If you are one of the hundreds of thousands that have lost their job, do you plan to stay in the industry? If you own a company, how is business going? Are you able to balance cash flow, cut costs and stay resilient until the inevitable upturn? Perhaps you have bought into the hysteria and think that there will never be another upturn? That the industrial age is going the way of the dark,  stone or ice ages? Perhaps you think that fossil fuel might be banned and that everyone will be switching to solar powered cars and nuclear mains electricity? The peaks and troughs in the oil and gas business are so erratic that a career or a business in it could be seen as a huge gamble.