A sunrise in a wheatfield representing a brighter future for the next generation of the energy industry.

A better future for the industry and future generations.

Anyone who knows us knows that we are not your average recruiters. We think that the old model is broken, for many reasons. We could collect CV's then do a quick database search for keywords, before packaging up a list of candidates to send over to a client. Frankly, by doing this, we would be wasting a lot of time for our clients.

As new technologies and recovery methods have permeated through the industry, so too have unique skills and training models. We think that the oil and gas industry is about to go through one of the most significant changes in history. $100-$200 oil might be around the corner, be we doubt it.

What is more likely to happen is that there will be a renewed focus on cost-cutting. Efficiency improvements and the streamlining of processes that until now, didn't need simplifying so much. If your cost of production is $35 per barrel, and oil is at $100, reducing your costs by $3 will give you an extra 4.6% profit. If the oil price is at $40, then those $3 cost savings will provide you with an additional 60% profit.

While this might seem obvious, the reason why we are using this as an example is that by using a technical skill pool manager, you will be able to fill positions more quickly and increase the chances of an exact fit candidate, not a close fit. That is likely to affect your bottom line as a producer directly.

So, recruiting is evolving, as is the industry in general. We want to be part of the future of the industry, ensuring that every part of our process gets examined to allow us to operate at optimal performance.

How do we know what is needed? How do we spread the message about the innovations that we are creating through our sub-section of the business? How do we do more and better business? How do we help you to do the same?

Let's start with a more generic question.

What is the best way of increasing business?

    • Advertising?


    • Trade Shows?


    • Dropping Prices?


    • Improve your product or service?


    • Work harder?

All these tactics and more will often work. But there is one thing that stands head and shoulders above the rest. That is the power of relationships.

We all know about word of mouth advertising where a great idea, product or service can 'go viral' because it is remarkable, and people want to share it.

We all know about the 'old boys network' where if you went to individual schools, colleges and universities, you would probably get a job if your future boss also went there. (As long as you have the required skills and qualifications - although sadly this is not always the case).

We know that business leaders who have contacts in government or high-class social clubs will often 'pull strings'.

Many multi-million pound deals have been done at the exclusive health club or on the golf course.

These are examples of the power of networks, relationships, and partnerships. They are not the best types of cases, however.

The best expressions of the power of partnerships get seen where complementary technology and a group of strong-willed innovators push boundaries. A strong network that helps each other fine-tune their systems to become optimised for each other.

We believe in the value of nurturing relationships with those in non-competing but complementary businesses. We can help promote you to our audience and hope that you will do the same for us. If we can connect you with others who will benefit from your insights, this will be a win all round.

That can only happen with shared values and objectives. We need to be offering the same, or similar messages to our networks.

If you have a business in a complimentary but non-competing business, then get in touch. We have technical recruiting covered, but for anything else, then please contact us. Big breaks often come from new relationships. Far more often than from price drops or traditional advertising.

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