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Drilling & Well Engineering Roles

Drilling Superintendent

Senior Drilling/Well Engineer

Drilling/Well Engineer

Drilling Engineering Manager/Advisor

Chief Drilling/Well Engineer

Drilling Fluid/Cementing/Waste Management Specialist

Coiled Tubing/Underbalanced Drilling (UBD) Specialist

Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) Specialist

Multilateral Well Specialist

Extended-reach Drilling (ERD) Specialist

Well Control Specialist

Real-time Operations Centre (RTOC) Specialist

Cost & Performance Engineer

Drilling Technician

Rig Intake Specialist

Directional Drilling & Surveying Roles

Well Planner

Senior Well Planner

Geomatics/Land Surveyor

Geosteering Engineer

Geosteering Specialist

IFR Survey Specialist

Completions, Well Test, Well Intervention & Workovers Roles

Completions Engineer

Senior Completions Engineer

Drill Stem Test (DST)/Well Test Engineer

Senior Drill Stem Test (DST)/Well Test Engineer

Workover/Well Intervention Engineer

Senior Workover/Well Intervention Engineer

Well Services Engineer

Senior Well Services Engineer

Frac/Stimulation Engineer

Senior Frac/Stimulation Engineer

Well Integrity Engineer

Wellsite & Field Operations/Supervision Roles

Drilling Supervisor

Senior Drilling Supervisor/Drilling Foreman

Field Superintendent

Completion Supervisor

Senior Completion Supervisor

Well Services Supervisor

Senior Well Services Supervisor

Well Test Supervisor

Senior Well Test Supervisor

Coiled Tubing Supervisor

Senior Coiled Tubing Supervisor

UBD/MPD Supervisor

Senior UBD/MPD Supervior

Subsea Supervisor

Senior Subsea Supervisor

Wellsite Drilling Engineer (WSDE)

Wellsite Completion Engineer (WSCE)

Performance Coach/Mentor

HSE Supervisor

Drilling Materials Coordinator (DMC)

Wellsite Geologist

Geosteering Specialist

Biosteering Specialist

Field Supervisor

Geoscience Roles

Petroleum Technologist

Exploration Geologist

Operations Geologist

Development Geologist

Production Geologist

Exploration Geophysicist

Development Geophysicist


Petroleum Engineer



PPFG Specialist

Geomechanics/Wellbore Stability Specialist


Seismologist/Seismic Interpreter


Petroleum Engineering Roles

Reservoir Engineer

Production Engineer

Production Technologist

Production Supervisor

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Roles

QAQC Supervisor

QHSE Supervisor

Environmental Advisor

Environmental Scientist

Oil Spill Response Specialist

QHSE Advisor

Supply Chain Roles

Contract & Procurement Specialist

Logistics Coordinator

Logistics Supervisor

Supply Chain Supervisor

Contracts Auditor/Cost Controller

Contracts Accountant

Logistics Coordinator

Logistics Superintendent

Contracts Administrator

Supply Base Supervisor



Senior Management & C-Suite Roles

Exploration Manager

Geoscience Manager/Subsurface Team Leader

Production Manager

Drilling Manager

Completions Manager

Drilling & Completion/Well Delivery Manager

Logistics Manager

Supply Chain Manager

HSE Manager

QHSE Manager

QAQC Manager

Environmental Manager

Rig Manager

Asset Manager

Country Manager

Regional Manager

Well Services Manager

Operations Manager

Finance Manager

HR Manager

Contracts Manager

Performance Manager

Well Integrity Manager

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Rig Crew - Senior & Administrative Roles

Logistics Coordinator/Materials Man

Rig Administrator

Safety Officer

Offshore Installation Manager (OIM)

Rig Crew - Drilling Roles


Derrickman/Drilling Fluid Operator

Assistant Driller/Driller Trainee



Senior Toolpusher/Drilling Section Leader

Assistant Subsea Engineer

Subsea Engineer

Subsea Supervisor

Rig Crew - Maintenance Roles

Maintenance Supervisor

Technical Section Leader/Chief Engineer

Maintenance Engineer/Assistant Chief Engineer

Engine Room Responsible/1st & 2nd Engineer

Motorman/3rd & 4th Engineer

Hydraulic Mechanic

Rig Floor Mechanic


Electrical Supervisor

Electronic Technician - Drilling

Electronic Technician - Dynamic Positioning

Electronic Technician - Subsea


Assistant Electrician

Rig Crew - Marine Roles

Barge Engineer/Chief Officer

Barge Engineer - Assistant/Assistant Chief Officer

Senior Dynamic Positioning Officer

Dynamic Positioning Officer

Crane Operator

Assistant Crane Operator


Offshore Wind Farm - Development Roles

Head of Development

Senior Project Manager - Development

Project Manager - Development

Assistant Project Manager - Development

Development Officer

Development Assistant

Head of Research & Development

Senior Site Assessment Specialist

Site Assessment Specialist

Site Assessment Engineer

Technical Analyst

Offshore Wind Farm - Construction Roles

Head of Construction

Construction Engineering Manager

Senior Project Manager - Construction

Project Manager - Construction

Assistant Project Manager - Construction

Construction Site Manager

Engineering Manager - Construction

Servicing Technician

Authorised Technician

Installation Technician

Offshore Wind Farm - Operation Roles

Project Engineer

Senior Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Senior Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Senior Operations & Maintenance Engineer

Operations & Maintenance Engineer

Senior Control & Instrumentation Engineer

Control & Instrumentation Engineer

Other roles Roles

3rd Mate

3rd Officer

Able-Bodied Seaman

Academic Librarian

Account Assistant

Account Clerk

Account Executive

Account Officer

Account Representative


Accounting Assistant

Accounting Clerk

Accounting Manager

Accounting Technician

Accounts Payable Clerk

Accounts Payable Specialist

Accounts Receivable Specialist


Administrative Assistant

Administrative Clerk

Administrative Manager

Administrative Officer


Adult Nurse

Advertising Account Executive

Advertising Account Planner

Advertising Copywriter

Advertising Manager

Advice Worker


Aeronautical Engineer

Aft Driller

Agricultural Consultant

Agricultural Manager

Aid Worker/Humanitarian worker

Air and Missile Defence Crewmember

Air Defence Artillery Senior Sergeant

Air Defence Enhanced Early Warning Operator

Air Force Pilot

Air Traffic Control Operator

Aircraft Components Repair Supervisor

Aircraft Electrician

Aircraft Pneudraulics Repairer

Aircraft Powerplant Repairer

Aircraft Powertrain Repairer

Aircraft Structural Repairer

Airline Cabin Crew

Amenity Horticulturist

Ammunition Specialist



Analytical Chemist

Animal Care Specialist

Animal Nursing Assistant

Animal Nutritionist


Application Support Analyst

Applied Psychologist



Architectural Technologist


Area Manager

Armament Repairer

Armed Forces Officer

Armour Crewman

Armour Senior Sergeant

Army Linguist


Art Director

Art Therapist

Artillery Mechanic

Arts Administrator


Assessment Support Officer

Asset Integrity Engineer

Asset Manager

Assistant Accountant

Assistant Administrator

Assistant Ballast Control Operator

Assistant Banksman

Assistant Barge Engineer

Assistant Cook

Assistant Crane Operator

Assistant Cyber Driller

Assistant Direction Driller

Assistant Driller

Assistant Electromechanical Engineer

Assistant Offshore Installation Manager

Assistant Project Manager

Assistant Rig Manager

Assistant Subsea Engineer

ATF Agent

Athletic Trainer



Authorised Technician

Automated Logistical Specialist

Automotive Engineer

Auxiliary Driller

Avionic Maintenance Senior Sergeant

Avionic Mechanic

Avionic Operations Specialist

Avionics Systems Repairer




Ballast Control Operator

Bank Cashier



Bar Manager

Barge Engineer

Barge Master

Barge Superintendent



Barrister's Clerk

Basin Modeller

Beauty Therapist

Behavioural Health Specialist

Benefits Coordinator

Bid Assistant

Bid Coordinator

Bid Manager

Bilingual Secretary

Billing Clerk

Billing Specialist

Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical Equipment Specialist

Biomedical Scientist

Biosteering Engineer




Boiler Plant Operator


Border Force Officer


Bosun's Mate

Branch Manager

Brand Ambassador

Brand Manager

Bridge Crewmember

Broadcasting Presenter


Building Control Officer/Surveyor

Building Maintenance Technician

Building Services Engineer

Building Surveyor

Business Administrator

Business Analyst

Business Consultant

Business Controller

Business Developer

Business Development Manager

Business Development Officer

Business Intelligence Analyst

Business Support Analyst

Business Support Assistant

Business Systems Analyst


Cable Laying Operator

Cable Systems Installer-Maintainer

CAD/CAM Drafter

CAD/CAM Technician


Cadet Leader

Call Centre Manager

Call Centre Representative

Call Contact Handler

Call Handler

Camera Operator

Camera Technician

Camp Boss

Camp Counsellor

Campaigns Assistant

Cannon Crewmember


Car Mechanic

Car Salesperson

Cardiovascular Specialist

Care Assistant

Care Home Assistant

Care Worker

Career Break

Career Counsellor

Careers Adviser

Careers Consultant



Cargo Specialist

Carousel Operator


Carpentry and Masonry Specialist


Case Manager

Case Worker



Catering Manager

Cavalry Scout

CCTV Liaison Officer

CCTV Technician

Celebrity Liaison Officer

Celebrity Manager

Cell Manager


Cementing Assistant

Cementing Engineer

Cementing Manager

Cementing Operator

Cementing Supervisor

Certified Public Accountant


Charge Nurse

Charity Administrator

Charity Director

Charity Fundraiser

Charity Officer

Chemical Engineer

Chemical Laboratory Analyst


Chief Cook

Chief Economist

Chief Electrician

Chief Electronics Technician

Chief Engineer

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Operator

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Information Officer

Chief Inspector

Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Mate

Chief Medical NCO

Chief Medical Officer

Chief of Staff

Chief Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Signal Non-Commissioned Officer

Chief Steward

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Warrant Officer

Chief Well Engineer

Child Care Worker

Child Psychotherapist

Children's Nurse


CIA Agent

CID Special Agent

Civil Affairs Specialist

Civil Engineer

Civil Service Administrator

Civil Supervisor

Classroom Assistant

Cleaning Operative


Client Services Manager

Clinical Biochemist

Clinical Coder

Clinical Cytogeneticist

Clinical Microbiologist

Clinical Molecular Geneticist

Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Research Associate

Clinical Scientist

Clothing and Textile Technologist

CNC Operator

Coast Guard

Coast Guard Boatswain Mate

Coatings Inspector

Coiled Tubing Engineer

Coiled Tubing Manager

Coiled Tubing Operator

Coiled Tubing Specialist

Coiled Tubing Superintendent

Coiled Tubing Supervisor

Collections Specialist

Colour Technologist

Combat Documentation/Production Specialist

Combat Engineer

Commercial Airline Pilot

Commercial Analyst

Commercial Horticulturist

Commercial Manager

Commercial Negotiator

Commercial Planner

Commercial/residential/rural surveyor

Commis Chef

Commis Waiter

Commissioned Officer

Commissioning Coordinator

Commissioning Editor

Commissioning Engineer

Commissioning Manager

Commissioning Supervisor

Commodity Broker

Communications Engineer

Communications Manager

Communications Officer

Community Arts Worker

Community Development Worker

Community Education Officer

Community Liaison Officer

Community Manager

Community Support Officer

Community Worker

Company Secretary

Completions Engineer

Completions Manager

Completions Operator

Completions Superintendent

Completions Supervisor

Compliance Director

Compliance Lawyer

Compliance Manager

Compliance Officer

Computer and Information Research Scientist

Computer and Information Systems Manager

Computer Engineer

Computer Forensic Agent

Computer Network Architect

Computer Operator

Computer Programmer

Computer Scientist

Computer Systems Analyst

Computer Systems Manager

Computer Technician


Concrete and Asphalt Equipment Operator

Conference Organiser

Construction Engineering Manager

Construction Engineering Supervisor

Construction Equipment Repairer

Construction Manager

Construction Project Manager

Construction Site Manager

Construction Superintendent

Construction Worker


Consumer Rights Advisor

Content Manager

Content Writer

Contract and Procurement Specialist

Contracts Accountant

Contracts Administrator

Contracts Assistant

Contracts Auditor

Contracts Engineer

Contracts Manager

Control and Instrument Engineer

Control and Instrument Technician

Control Room Operator





Core Analyst

Coring Operator

Coring Supervisor


Coroners Officer

Corporate Banker

Corporate Treasurer

Corrections Officer

Corrosion Engineer

Cost Accountant

Cost and Performance Engineer

Cost Controller

Cost Engineer



Counter-Intelligence Agent

Counter-Intelligence Senior Sergeant

Country Manager

Court Clerk

Court Reporter

Court Reporter/Verbatim Reporter

Crane Operator

Creative Director

Credit Analyst

Credit Controller

Crew Member

Crew Supervisor

Crime Analyst

Crime Bureau Investigator

Crime Investigation Special Agent

Crime Scene Investigator

Criminal Intelligence Analyst



Crown Prosecution Service Lawyer

Crude Oil and Gas Trader

Cryptologic Linguist

Cryptologic Network Warfare Specialist



Custody Officer

Customer Enquiry Clerk

Customer Relations

Customer Service Assistant

Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Representative

Customs Agent

Customs Officer

Cyber Driller

Cyber Operations Specialist

Cyber Security Specialist

Dance Movement Psychotherapist

Data Analyst

Data Architect

Data Engineer

Data Entry Clerk

Data Manager

Data Privacy Specialist

Data Privacy Technologist

Data Protection Officer

Data Scientist

Data Visualisation Analyst

Database Administrator

Database Developer

DEA Agent

Debt Collector

Debt/Finance Adviser

Deck Cadet

Deck Foreman

Deck Ratings


Decommissioning Coordinator

Decommissioning Engineer

Decommissioning Manager

Decommissioning Supervisor

Delivery Driver

Dental Assistant

Dental Hygienist

Dental Office Manager




Design Engineer

Design Manager (Construction)

Desktop Support Specialist

Development Assistant

Development Director

Development Geologist

Development Geophysicist

Development Officer

DevOps Engineer

Dietary Assistant


Digital Marketing Manager

Diplomatic Service

Directional Driller

Directional Drilling Coordinator

Directional Drilling Manager

Directional Drilling Supervisor


Dive Master

Dive Tender



Document Controller


Drafting Engineer

Drama therapist

Drill Stem Test (DST) Engineer

Drill Stem Test (DST) Operator

Drill Stem Test (DST) Supervisor


Drilling Electronic Technician

Drilling Facilities Advisor

Drilling Fluid Coordinator

Drilling Fluid Manager

Drilling Fluid Operator

Drilling Fluid Specialist

Drilling Materials Coordinator

Drilling Optimisation Engineer

Drilling Superintendent

Drilling Supervisor

Drilling Technician

Driver Trainer

Driving Instructor

Dynamic Positioning Electronic Technician

Dynamic Positioning Officer (DPO)

Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist


Editorial Assistant

Education Administrator

Electrical and Instrument Engineer

Electrical and Instrument Technician

Electrical Engineer

Electrical Supervisor

Electrical Technologist


Electrician Supervisor

Electromagnetic Spectrum Manager

Electromechanical Engineer

Electronic Maintenance Chief

Electronic Warfare and Operation Orchard

Electronic Warfare Specialist

Electronics Engineer

Electronics Supervisor

Electronics Technician

Electrotechnical Officer

Employment Advice Worker

Energy Conservation Officer

Energy Consultant

Engine Room Responsible

Engineer Senior Sergeant

Engineering Officer

Enterprise Architect

Environmental Advisor

Environmental Education Officer

Environmental Engineer

Environmental Health Officer

Environmental Manager

Environmental Scientist

Environmental Specialist

Equal Opportunities Officer

Equality and Diversity Officer

Equality and Diversity Trainer


Estate Agent


Event Coordinator

Event Planner

Executive Assistant

Executive Chef

Executive Director

Executive Secretary

Exhibition Display Designer

Exhibition Organiser


Exploration Geologist

Exploration Geophysicist

Exploration Manager

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist

Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) Engineer

Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) Specialist


Facilities Engineer

Facilities Manager

Field Artillery Senior Sergeant

Field Artillery Surveyor

Field Service Operator

Field Superintendent

Field Support Specialist

Field Trials Officer

Finance Director

Financial Advisor

Financial Analyst

Financial Controller

Financial Management Technician

Financial Manager

Financial Planner

Fingerprint Expert

Fire and Gas Protection Technician

Fire and Gas Technician

Fire Control Repairer

Fire Engineer

Firearms Licensing Officer


Fisheries Enforcement Officer

Fishing Tool Engineer

Fishing Tool Manager

Fishing Tool Operator

Fishing Tool Supervisor

Fitness Centre Manager


Fleet Manager

Flexible Flowlines/Riser Engineer


Fluids and Cementing Engineer

Fluids and Cementing Manager

Fluids and Cementing Operator

Fluids and Cementing Superintendent

Fluids and Cementing Supervisor

Food and Beverage Assistant

Food Runner

Food Scientist

Food Service Specialist

Food Technologist

Food Waiter

Force National Computer Bureau Operator

Forensic Examiner

Forensic Psychologist

Forensic Scientist

Forklift Driver

Fourth Engineer

Frac Engineer

Frac Manager

Frac Operator

Frac Superintendent

Frac Supervisor

Freight Forwarder

Front End Developer

Fwd Driller

Gas Compression Technician

Gas Turbine Technician

GDPR Lawyer

GDPR Specialist

GDPR Technologist

General Manager

General Practitioner

General Solicitor



Geographical information systems manager


Geomatics/Land Surveyor

Geomechanics Engineer

Geomechanics Specialist


Geoscience Manager


Geospatial Engineer

Geospatial Intelligence Imagery Analyst

Geosteering Engineer

GIS Technician

Global Well Delivery Manager

Government Lawyer

Government Research Officer

GPS Technician

Grants Assistant

Graphic Designer


Groundwater Remediation Specialist

H2S Trainer

Hair Stylist


Head Cashier

Head of Construction

Head of Development

Head of Research and Development

Head of Technical Support

Head Teacher

Health Administrator

Health Care Practitioner

Health Service Manager

Health Visitor

Healthcare Assistant

Healthcare Specialist

Heavy Lift Supervisor

Helicopter Engineer

Helicopter Landing Officer

Helicopter Pilot

Helicopter Radio Operator

Helicopter Repairer

Helicopter Technician

Help Desk Clerk



Heritage Manager

HGV Mechanic

Higher Education Administrator

Higher Education Advice Worker

Home Care Assistant

Home Care Nurse

Homeland Security Agent

Homeless Support Worker

Horizontal Construction Manager

Horticultural Consultant


Hotel Front Desk Clerk

Hotel Manager

Housing Advisor

Housing Officer

HSE Advisor

HSE Coordinator

HSE Specialist

HSE Technician

Human Intelligence Collector

Human Resources Advisor

Human Resources Assistant

Human Resources Associate

Human Resources Director

Human Resources Generalist

Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Officer

HVAC Engineer

HVAC Technician

Hydraulics Design Engineer

Hydraulics Engineer

Hydraulics Mechanic




Immigration Officer


Indirect Fire Infantryman

Industrial/Product Designer


Information Privacy Technologist

Information Scientist

Information Systems Manager

Infrastructure Engineer

INS Agent

Installation Technician


Instrumentation Technician

Insurance Agent

Insurance Broker

Insurance Claims Inspector

Insurance Risk Surveyor

Insurance Specialist

Insurance Underwriter

Intelligence Analyst

Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Senior Sergeant

Intelligence Supervisor

Interior Designer


Internal Auditor

International Aid/Development Worker

International Liaison Manager

International Liaison Officer

Internment/Resettlement Specialist


Inventory Clerk

Inventory Manager

Inventory Specialist

Investment Analyst

Investment Banker

Investment Fund Manager

IT Advisor

IT Business Analysts

IT Consultant

IT Coordinator

IT Director

IT Instructor

IT Manager

IT Project Manager

IT Specialist

IT Support Analyst

IT Technician

JAM Operator

JAM Supervisor


Journeyman Electrician

Journeyman Fitter

Junior Accountant

Kitchen Manager

Laboratory Assistant

Laboratory Technician


Landscape Architect



Learning Disability Nurse

Learning Mentor


Legal Advisor

Legal Assistant

Legal Clerk

Legal Executive

Legal Secretary

Legal Services Officer

Leisure Centre Manager

Letting Consultant

Letting Negotiator


Licensed Conveyancer

Life Coach




Loan Officer

Loan Processor

Local Government Administrator

Local Government Lawyer

Logistics Coordinator

Logistics Director

Logistics Manager

Logistics Specialist

Logistics Superintendent

Logistics Supervisor

Lorry Driver

LWD Operator

LWD Supervisor

Machine Operator


Magazine Features Editor

Magazine Journalist

Main Driller

Maintenance Engineer

Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Specialist

Maintenance Supervisor

Maintenance Technician

Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) Engineer

Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) Operator

Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) Supervisor

Management Accountant

Management Assistant


Managing Director

Manufacturing Engineer

Manufacturing Machine Operator

Manufacturing Toolmaker

Marine Construction Superintendent

Marine Corps Military Police

Marine Manager

Marine Scientist

Marine Traffic Control Coordinator

Market Analyst

Market Research Analyst

Market Research Executive


Marketing Assistant

Marketing Coordinator

Marketing Director

Marketing Executive

Marketing Intern

Marketing Manager

Marketing Specialist

Massage Therapist


Master Electrician

Master Mariner

Material Handler

Materials Administrator

Materials Control Technician

Materials Controller

Materials Coordinator

Materials Handler

Materials Person


Mechanical Drafter

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor

Mechanical Supervisor

Mechanical Technician

Media Analyst

Media and Communications Administrator

Media Buyer

Media Planner


Medical Audio Typist

Medical Director

Medical Laboratory Specialist

Medical Logistics Specialist

Medical Office Assistant

Medical Physicist

Medical Purser

Medical Receptionist

Medical Records Clerk

Medical Representative

Medical Secretary

Mental Health Nurse


Mergers and Acquisitions Specialist

Metal Fabricator




Microwave Systems Operator


Military Intelligence Systems Maintainer

Mining Engineer

MLWD Operator

MLWD Supervisor

Mobile Developer

Mooring Master

Mortuary Affairs Specialist

Motor Operator

Motor Transport Operator

Motor Vehicle Technician


Mud Man


Multichannel Transmission Systems Operator

Multimedia Illustrator

Multimedia Programmer

Multimedia Specialists

Museum Education Officer

Museum/Gallery Exhibition Officer

Music Therapist

MWD Operator

MWD Supervisor


Nature Conservation Officer

Naval Architect

Navy Flight Support

Navy Nurse Corp

Navy Operations Specialist

Neonatal Nurse

Network Administrator

Network Architect

Network Engineer

Network Switching Systems Operator

Network Technician


Night Auditor

Nitrogen Operator

Nitrogen Supervisor

Nodal Network Systems Operator

Non-destructive Testing (NDT) Engineer

Non-destructive Testing (NDT) Manager

Non-destructive Testing (NDT) Operator

Non-destructive Testing (NDT) Supervisor


Nurse Manager

Nurse Practitioner

Nursery Teacher

Nursing Assistant

Nursing Director

Nutrition Care Specialist

Nutritional Therapist


OAQC Operator

Occupational HSE Specialist

Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Occupational Therapy Specialist


Office Administrator

Office Assistant

Office Clerk

Office Coordinator

Office Manager

Offshore Installation Manager (OIM)

Offshore Logistics Manager

Offshore Rig Mover

Oil and Gas Trader

Oil Spill Response Specialist


Oilfield Chemist

Operational Deployment Engineer

Operational Manager

Operational Researcher

Operational Skills Trainer

Operations Analyst

Operations and Maintenance Engineer

Operations and Maintenance Manager

Operations and Maintenance Senior Manager

Operations and Maintenance Supervising Technician

Operations Coordinator

Operations Director

Operations Manager

Operations Room Operator

Operations Superintendent

Operations Supervisor

Operations Technician

Optical Laboratory Specialist



Ordinary Seaman

Orthopaedic Specialist


Outdoor Pursuits Manager

Outside Sales Representative

Overhaul Manager

Packaging Technologist




PandID Designer

PandID Engineer

Parachute Rigger



Pastry Chef

Patent Attorney

Patent Examiner


Patient Administration Specialist

Patient Advocate

Payroll Administrator

Payroll Advisor

Payroll Assistant

Payroll Manager

Payroll Specialist

PDMS CE&I Designer

Pension Scheme Manager

Performance Coach

Performance Engineer

Performance Manager

Personal Assistant

Personal Banker

Personal Trainer

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Laboratory Specialist

Petroleum Supply Specialist

Petroleum Systems Analyst

Petroleum Technologist




Pharmacovigilance Officer

Pharmacy Technician



Physical Therapy Specialist

Physician Associate


Physiotherapist Assistant

Physiotherapy Assistant

Picture Researcher

Pigging Engineer

Pigging Operator

Pigging Technician



Piping Designer


Planning Administrator

Planning and Development Surveyor

Planning Technician

Plant Breeder

Plant Inspector

Plant Manager

Plant Operations Technician

Plant Operator

Plant Supervisor

Platform Superintendent


Police Constable

Police Detective

Police Officer

Policy Administrator

Policy and Assurance Officer

Policy/Research Assistant

Political Party Agent

Political Researcher


Power Engineer

Power-Generation Equipment Repairer

Practice Manager

Practice Nurse

Prep Cook

Press Officer

Press Photographer

Press Sub-editor

Preventive Medicine Specialist

Prime Power Products Specialist

Print Services Technician

Prison Officer

Private Investigator

Private Music Teacher

Private Security

Probation Officer

Process Engineer

Procurement Assistant

Procurement Manager


Product Development Scientist

Product Manager

Product Marketing Manager

Production Assistant

Production Chemist

Production Engineer

Production Geologist

Production Manager

Production Supervisor

Production Technologist

Production Worker

Programme Analyst

Programme Assistant

Programme Coordinator

Programme Director

Programme Manager

Programme Researcher

Programmer Analyst

Project Administrator

Project Coordinator

Project Engineer

Project Manager

Project Specialist

Property Broker

Property Manager




Public Affairs Consultant

Public Affairs Manager

Public House Manager

Public Librarian

Public Relations Account Manager

Public Relations Officer



Purchasing Agent

Purchasing Assistant

Purchasing Manager


QAQC Advisor

QAQC Analyst

QAQC Engineer

QAQC Inspector

QAQC Manager

QAQC Supervisor

Quality Engineer

Quality Inspector

Quality Manager

Quantity Surveyor

Quarrying Specialist

Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer

Radar Repairer

Radio Administrator

Radio Operator

Radio Operator-Maintainer



Railway Equipment Repairer

Railway Operator Crew Member

Railway Section Repairer

Receiving Associate

Receiving Clerk

Reception Teacher


Records Clerk

Records Manager


Recruiting Manager

Recruitment Consultant

Recycling Officer

Refined Product Trader

Refrigeration Engineer

Refrigeration Technician

Regional Manager

Regional Sales Manager

Regional Well Delivery Manager

Regional Well Engineer

Registered Nurse

Regulatory Affairs Officer

Research Chemist

Research Scientist

Reservoir Engineer

Respiratory Specialist

Respiratory Therapist

Response Assistant

Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Waiter

Retail Assistant Manager

Retail Banker

Retail Buyer

Retail Manager

Retail Merchandiser

Retail Pharmacist

Retail Sales Assistant

Retail Store Manager

Retention and Transition NCO

Rig Auditor

Rig Clerk

Rig Electrician

Rig Floor Mechanic

Rig Integrity Engineer

Rig Manager

Rig Mover

Rig Superintendent


Risk Analyst

Risk Coordinator

Risk Manager

Rock Mechanics Engineer

Rope Access Technician

Rotating Equipment Engineer


ROV Pilot

ROV Superintendent

ROV Technician


Safeguarding Referral Officer

Safety Advisor

Safety Coordinator

Safety Engineer

Safety Manager

Safety Officer

Safety Trainer

Safety Training Coordinator

Sales Assistant

Sales Associate

Sales Clerk

Sales Consultant

Sales Coordinator

Sales Director

Sales Engineer

Sales Executive

Sales Manager

Sales Representative

Sales Support Specialist

Salvage Engineer

Salvage Operator

Sample Catcher

Satellite Communication Systems Operator

Satellite/Microwave Systems Chief

Saturation Diver


Scaffolding Supervisor

Scene of Crime Officer


School Bus Driver

School Counsellor

School Social Worker


Second Engineer

Second Mate


Security Guard

Security Officer


Seismic Interpreter


Senior Accountant

Senior Ballast Control Operator

Senior Banksman

Senior Basin Modeller

Senior Biostratigrapher

Senior Cementing Engineer

Senior Chemical Engineer

Senior Civil Engineer

Senior Coiled Tubing Engineer

Senior Commissioning Engineer

Senior Completions Engineer

Senior Control and Instrumentation Engineer

Senior Cost and Performance Engineer

Senior Cost Controller

Senior Cost Engineer

Senior Crane Operator

Senior Decommissioning Engineer

Senior Directional Driller

Senior Drill Stem Test (DST) Engineer

Senior Drilling Optimisation Engineer

Senior Electrical Engineer

Senior Electrician

Senior Electromechanical Engineer

Senior Electronic Maintenance Chief

Senior Flexible Flowlines/Riser Engineer

Senior Fluids and Cementing Engineer

Senior Frac Engineer

Senior Hydrogeologist

Senior Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) Engineer

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Senior Noncommissioned Logistician

Senior Operations and Maintenance Engineer

Senior Performance Engineer

Senior Petroleum Engineer

Senior Petroleum Systems Analyst

Senior Petrophysicist

Senior Production Technologist

Senior Project Manager

Senior QAQC Engineer

Senior Reservoir Engineer

Senior Rig Integrity Engineer

Senior Rope Access Technician

Senior Rotating Equipment Engineer

Senior ROV Pilot

Senior ROV Technician

Senior Scheduler

Senior Sedimentologist

Senior Seismologist

Senior Site Assessment Specialist

Senior Slickline Engineer

Senior Snubbing Engineer

Senior Stimulation Engineer

Senior Structural Engineer

Senior Subsea Engineer

Senior Subsea Supervisor

Senior Surveyor

Senior Technical Engineer

Senior Toolpusher

Senior Tubing Conveyed Perforation (TCP) Engineer

Senior Underbalanced Drilling (UBD) Engineer

Senior Vice President

Senior Well Engineer

Senior Well Planner

Senior Well Services Engineer

Senior Well Test Engineer

Senior Wellhead and Xmas Tree Engineer

Senior Wireline Engineer

Senior Workover and Well Intervention Engineer

Service Advisor

Service Desk Analyst

Service Manager



Shift Leader

Shift Manager

Shipping Associate

Shipping Clerk

Shipping Specialist

Shop Assistant

Signal Support Systems Specialist

Signals Collector/Analyst

Signals Intelligence Analyst

Site Assessment Engineer

Site Assessment Specialist

Site Engineer

Site Manager

Skillpool Manager

Slickline Engineer

Slickline Manager

Slickline Operator

Slickline Superintendent

Slickline Supervisor

Small Arms/Artillery Repairer

Snubbing Engineer

Snubbing Manager

Snubbing Operator

Snubbing Superintendent

Snubbing Supervisor

Social Media Intern

Social Media Manager

Social Researcher

Social Worker

Software Analyst

Software Architect

Software Developer

Software Engineer

Soil Scientist


Solids Control Engineer

Solids Control Operator

Solids Control Supervisor

Sous Chef

Special Constable

Special Forces Communications Sergeant

Special Forces Engineer

Special Forces Medical Sergeant

Special Forces Senior Sergeant

Special Forces Weapons Sergeant

Special Needs Teacher

Speech and Language Therapist

Sports Coach

Sports Development Officer

Sports Therapist

Staff Accountant

Station Manager


Statistics Officer



Stimulation Engineer

Stimulation Manager

Stimulation Operator

Stimulation Superintendent

Stimulation Supervisor



Store Assistant

Store Clerk

Store Manager

Store Salesperson



Stores Person

Structural Engineer


Student - Graduate

Student - Undergraduate

Student -PhD

Subsea Electronic Technician

Subsea Engineer

Subsea Manager

Subsea Operator

Subsea Superintendent

Subsea Supervisor

Subsurface Engineer

Subsurface Manager

Subsurface Team Leader

Supervising Technician


Supply Base Coordinator

Supply Base Manager

Supply Base Supervisor

Supply Chain Analyst

Supply Chain Manager

Supply Chain Supervisor

Supply Teacher

Surface Supplied Diver

Surface Supplied top-up Diver


Surgical Technician

Survey Gun Mechanic

Survey Navigator

Survey Observer



Systems Administrator

Systems Analyst

Systems Developer

Systems Development Officer

Systems Engineer


Talent Acquisition Manager

Talent Acquisition Specialist


Tax Accountant

Tax inspector


Teaching Assistant

Teaching/Classroom Assistant

Team Leader

Technical Advisor

Technical Analyst

Technical Assistant

Technical Author

Technical Director

Technical Engineer

Technical Leader

Technical Sales Engineer

Technical Superintendent

Technical Support Engineer

Technical Support Specialist

Technical Writer



Telecommunication Operations Chief

Telecommunication Specialist


Television Production Assistant

Test Automation Developer

Third Engineer

Third Mate

Tong Operator


Topside Engineer

Tour Guide

Tour Operator

Tour/Holiday Representative

Tourism Officer

Tourist Information Manager



Town and Country Planner


Track Vehicle Repairer

Trade Union Official

Trade Union Research Officer


Trading Standards Officer


Training and Development Officer

Training Coordinator

Training Manager

Transferee Officer


Transportation Management Coordinator

Transportation Planner

Transportation Senior Sergeant

Travel Agent


Truck Driver

Tubing Conveyed Perforation (TCP) Engineer

Tubing Conveyed Perforation (TCP) Manager

Tubing Conveyed Perforation (TCP) Operator

Tubing Conveyed Perforation (TCP) Supervisor

Tubular Engineer

Tubular Manager

Tubular Running Operator

Tubular Running Supervisor

Tubular Technician


TV/Film/Theatre Set Designer

U.S. Marshal

Ultrasound Sonographer

Umbilicals Engineer

Underbalanced Drilling (UBD) Engineer

Underbalanced Drilling (UBD) Manager

Underbalanced Drilling (UBD) Operator

Underbalanced Drilling (UBD) Superintendent

Underbalanced Drilling (UBD) Supervisor


Unit Supervisor

Unit Supply Specialist

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Repairer

Utilities Equipment Repairer

UX Designer

UXO Specialist

Validation Engineer

Vehicle Technician

Vessel Manager


Veterinary Nurse

Veterinary Surgeon

Vice President

Video Game Designer

Video Game Developer

Virtual Assistant

Visual Information Equipment Operator

Visual Information Operations Chief


Volunteer Cadet Leader

Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Work Organiser



Warehouse Clerk

Warehouse Manager

Warehouse Superintendent

Warehouse Worker

Warrant Officer

Waste Management Officer

Waste Management Operator

Waste Management Supervisor

Watch Leader

Watch Stander

Water Conservation Officer

Water Engineer

Water Treatment Specialist

Watercraft Engineer

Watercraft Operator

Web Designer

Web Developer

Welder Fabricator

Welfare Rights Adviser

Well Control Instructor

Well Control Specialist

Well Delivery Manager

Well Engineer

Well Engineering Advisor

Well Engineering Director

Well Engineering Manager

Well Planner

Well Services Engineer

Well Services Manager

Well Services Operator

Well Services Superintendent

Well Services Supervisor

Well Test Engineer

Well Test Manager

Well Test Operator

Well Test Superintendent

Well Test Supervisor

Wellbeing Counsellor

Wellbore Stability Specialist

Wellhead and Xmas Tree Engineer

Wellhead and Xmas Tree Manager

Wellhead and Xmas Tree Operator

Wellhead and Xmas Tree Supervisor

Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic


Wireline Engineer

Wireline Manager

Wireline Operator

Wireline Superintendent

Wireline Supervisor

Working Dog Handler

Workover and Well Intervention Engineer

Workover and Well Intervention Manager

Workover and Well Intervention Operator

Workover and Well Intervention Superintendent

Workover and Well Intervention Supervisor

Workshop Supervisor

Workshop Technician


Youth Worker