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Drilling & Well Engineering Roles

Drilling Superintendent

Senior Drilling/Well Engineer

Drilling/Well Engineer

Drilling Engineering Manager/Advisor

Chief Drilling/Well Engineer

Drilling Fluid/Cementing/Waste Management Specialist

Coiled Tubing/Underbalanced Drilling (UBD) Specialist

Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) Specialist

Multilateral Well Specialist

Extended-reach Drilling (ERD) Specialist

Well Control Specialist

Real-time Operations Centre (RTOC) Specialist

Cost & Performance Engineer

Drilling Technician

Rig Intake Specialist

Directional Drilling & Surveying Roles

Well Planner

Senior Well Planner

Geomatics/Land Surveyor

Geosteering Engineer

Geosteering Specialist

IFR Survey Specialist

Completions, Well Test, Well Intervention & Workovers Roles

Completion Engineer

Senior Completion Engineer

Well Test & Drill Stem Test Engineer

Senior Well Test & Drill Stem Test Engineer

Workover/Well Intervention Engineer

Senior Workover/Well Intervention Engineer

Well Services Engineer

Senior Well Services Engineer

Frac/Stimulation Engineer

Senior Frac/Stimulation Engineer

Well Integrity Engineer

Completion & Well Intervention Supervisor

Completion, Well Intervention & Test Supervisor

Completion & Well Intervention Engineer

Completion, Well Intervention & Test Engineer

Senior Completion & Well Intervention Engineer

Senior Completion, Well Intervention & Test Engineer

Well Test & Drill Stem Test Supervisor

Frac/Stimulation Supervisor

Senior Well Integrity Engineer

Wellsite & Field Operations/Supervision Roles

Drilling Supervisor

Senior Drilling Supervisor/Drilling Foreman

Field Superintendent

Completion Supervisor

Senior Completion Supervisor

Well Services Supervisor

Senior Well Services Supervisor

Well Test Supervisor

Senior Well Test Supervisor

Coiled Tubing Supervisor

Senior Coiled Tubing Supervisor

UBD/MPD Supervisor

Senior UBD/MPD Supervior

Subsea Supervisor

Senior Subsea Supervisor

Wellsite Drilling Engineer (WSDE)

Wellsite Completion Engineer (WSCE)

Performance Coach/Mentor

HSE Supervisor

Drilling Materials Coordinator (DMC)

Wellsite Geologist

Geosteering Specialist

Biosteering Specialist

Field Supervisor

Geoscience Roles

Petroleum Technologist

Exploration Geologist

Operations Geologist

Development Geologist

Production Geologist

Exploration Geophysicist

Development Geophysicist


Petroleum Engineer



PPFG Specialist

Geomechanics/Wellbore Stability Specialist


Seismologist/Seismic Interpreter


Petroleum Geologist

Petroleum Engineering Roles

Reservoir Engineer

Production Engineer

Production Technologist

Production Supervisor

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Roles

QAQC Supervisor

QHSE Supervisor

Environmental Advisor

Environmental Scientist

Oil Spill Response Specialist

QHSE Advisor

Supply Chain Roles

Contract & Procurement Specialist

Logistics Coordinator

Logistics Supervisor

Supply Chain Supervisor

Contracts Auditor/Cost Controller

Contracts Accountant

Logistics Coordinator

Logistics Superintendent

Contracts Administrator

Supply Base Supervisor



Senior Management & C-Suite Roles

Exploration Manager

Geoscience Manager/Subsurface Team Leader

Production Manager

Drilling Manager

Completions Manager

Drilling & Completion/Well Delivery Manager

Logistics Manager

Supply Chain Manager

HSE Manager

QHSE Manager

QAQC Manager

Environmental Manager

Rig Manager

Asset Manager

Country Manager

Regional Manager

Well Services Manager

Operations Manager

Finance Manager

HR Manager

Contracts Manager

Performance Manager

Well Integrity Manager

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Rig Crew - Senior & Administrative Roles

Logistics Coordinator/Materials Man

Rig Administrator

Safety Officer

Offshore Installation Manager (OIM)

Rig Crew - Drilling Roles


Derrickman/Drilling Fluid Operator

Assistant Driller/Driller Trainee



Senior Toolpusher/Drilling Section Leader

Assistant Subsea Engineer

Subsea Engineer

Subsea Supervisor

Rig Crew - Maintenance Roles

Maintenance Supervisor

Technical Section Leader/Chief Engineer

Maintenance Engineer/Assistant Chief Engineer

Engine Room Responsible/1st & 2nd Engineer

Motorman/3rd & 4th Engineer

Hydraulic Mechanic

Rig Floor Mechanic


Electrical Supervisor

Electronic Technician - Drilling

Electronic Technician - Dynamic Positioning

Electronic Technician - Subsea


Assistant Electrician

Rig Crew - Marine Roles

Barge Engineer/Chief Officer

Barge Engineer - Assistant/Assistant Chief Officer

Senior Dynamic Positioning Officer

Dynamic Positioning Officer

Crane Operator

Assistant Crane Operator


Offshore Wind Farm - Development Roles

Head of Development

Senior Project Manager - Development

Project Manager - Development

Assistant Project Manager - Development

Development Officer

Development Assistant

Head of Research & Development

Senior Site Assessment Specialist

Site Assessment Specialist

Site Assessment Engineer

Technical Analyst

Offshore Wind Farm - Construction Roles

Head of Construction

Construction Engineering Manager

Senior Project Manager - Construction

Project Manager - Construction

Assistant Project Manager - Construction

Construction Site Manager

Engineering Manager - Construction

Servicing Technician

Authorised Technician

Installation Technician

Offshore Wind Farm - Operation Roles

Project Engineer

Senior Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Senior Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Senior Operations & Maintenance Engineer

Operations & Maintenance Engineer

Senior Control & Instrumentation Engineer

Control & Instrumentation Engineer