Our Skill Pool Advisors have the air miles...

As part of our process and service to the high calibre technical professionals that choose to work with us, we offer a highly detailed and segmented resume builder.

If you have dealt with a number of recruiters before, you will know that there is a huge variation in the definition of a CV makeover. The standard practice is to cut and paste your existing information onto their standard template. There tends to be an improvement in the aesthetics, and you can live with their company logo emblazoned on the top.

If you have grammar or spelling mistakes on your CV, a diligent recruiter will tidy it up a bit. This is about the limit for most recruiters. What more can they do? They have not been on-site with you; they don't know the difference between a geophysicist and a petrophysicist.

You wouldn't necessarily expect your recruiter to have industry expertise. They might have a theatre study or a sports psychology degree; most discerning recruitment companies will look for a recruitment consultant with a degree. If they left school at 16 and have ‘the gift of the gab', then that can work too...

What you are unlikely to find is that you are dealing with someone with the same industry-related credentials as you do. Our skill pool advisors have designed the NatResPro resume builder from scratch. Every detail and facet in qualifications, experience, specialities and other relevant and industry-specific choices are there. In most case, you can find what you are looking for on a drop-down menu, no need to think about spelling, and potential omissions are minimised by having every relevant option available to you.

To be a Skill Pool Advisor at NatResPro requires a minimum of 20-years of hands-on experience in a leadership role. We are talking about geologists and engineers, not sales reps.

Our unique Resume Builder

Our Skill Pool Advisors can edit and reformat your CV according to the latest oil and gas industry practices. They are able and prepared to add information about particular rigs, projects or installations to put your application in the best possible light.

There are other ‘secret sauce' practices that go on behind the scenes that we are not comfortable publishing on the blog, but you get the idea...

Not only will our Skill Pool Advisors be the ones who prepare your CV, but they will be the ones who liaise directly with the recruiting managers at the oil and gas companies. They will immediately understand the specific demands needed for each job role. They will also understand your areas of experience and expertise.

Our Skill Pool Advisors will also be on hand to coach and advise you in readiness for your employer interview. They will know exactly what the employer is looking for, and how to demonstrate your credentials clearly.

Our Skill Pool Advisors will be like the retired heavyweight champion who coaches the next title contender based on their wealth of experience and confidence in their process.

This refreshing approach has some obvious benefits:

You will not get job offers that are a bad fit for you. Most technical professionals have had the experience of being offered jobs that are unsuitable for them. Jobs that are outside of their areas of competence, or way below their pay grade.

Your CV will often be re-worded and optimised for the specific role that is being applied for in each application. As you know, during a career you will experience slightly different job roles and gain different experiences. Matched skills and experience can be highlighted and expanded upon, less relevant information can be toned down.

Your CV will not be spread around with the shotgun approach of hoping for a fit. Your application will be submitted in the knowledge that you are an exact match for the job role, thereby avoiding your personal data being passed around. Did you know that having an application put forward for the wrong role can harm your future chances with the same company?

You will not waste a lot of time in communicating with a recruitment consultant who does not understand exactly what you do and what you are looking for. When you are looking for work, you don't want to feel like you are in the hands of an amateur, or that it is your job to educate them on how the industry works.

When we follow up on your application with the employer, we will be able to persuade them of your appropriateness for the job. If the recruitment manager is on the fence in deciding between you, and a candidate being put forward by an ex-used Car Salesperson, we can enhance your application chances.

We see ourselves as matchmakers and efficiency facilitators. The oil and gas company get the best person for each job vacancy. You get a service that is simple and effortless. We do the heavy lifting and work hard behind the scenes.

We truly earn our financial slice of the project. Our plan is that no client or candidate ever questions what we are doing, or why we charge what we do. We want always to offer tremendous value for our role, and do a job that makes everyone's lives easier.

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