An all-new talent-matching platform is here to boost efficiencies

29th October 2020

Sourcing talent needn't be a headache, nor should it be the expensive and time-consuming process it currently is. Intelligent data mapping can identify and even place candidates via a few mouse clicks. Allow us to introduce you to the power of our all-new talent-matching platform.

Introducing the All-New Natrespro Talent Portal Features

9th February 2017

Thank you for choosing to work with us, as a reward for your loyal support we've upgraded your service level! At Natrespro we never set out to be the second-best.

Open letter to all our global connections

29th January 2017

All of us at Natural Resource Professional Ltd. (NATRESPRO) would like to reassure our connections, followers, candidates and clients that we operate an open border, discrimination-free company.

Creating a Sustainable Oil and Gas Industry, a Contradiction in Terms?

9th January 2017

We live in a complex world, and in late 2011 our population total crossed the 7 billion threshold. We often hear emotive calls that the human race should return to a simple lifestyle, but one thing is for certain – we cannot all go and live in caves, and become hunter-gathers as our Neolithic predecessors once did.

Recruitment - it's all about fishing!

30th August 2016

Responsible angling is like good recruiting As Autumn (or fall) approaches in the Northern Hemisphere summer days for many are about time spent on the coastlines, watching children building sandcastles, paddling in the sea and enjoying the fresh sea breezes.

Candidates from 'Good Neighborhood' Skill Pools

20th August 2016

Self-selecting candidates and good neighbourhoods… ‘They' say that we are the average of the six people that we spend time with.

What is Rightsourcing?

20th May 2016

Rightsourcing is a relatively new buzzword that has surfaced because of the recent rise in the relevance of outsourcing.

The Jobs Market in Oil and Gas has Changed... Forever

4th May 2016

I don't really like predictions... Forever is a very long time. I also have a personal aversion to predictions, whether we are discussing trends, commodity prices, fortune telling or astrology.

The Secrets to an Optimized CV/Resume Make-Over

27th April 2016

Our Skill Pool Advisors have the air miles... As part of our process and service to the high calibre technical professionals that choose to work with us, we offer a highly detailed and segmented resume builder.

Why We Don't Post Fake Job Adverts

25th April 2016

First of all, a reminder of our values For those of you who aren't familiar with our brand, here's a quick backdrop which will provide context for the point of the post.

How to Disrupt an Industry and Create a Step-Change

21st April 2016

How do you break into an old and established market? ... You create a product or service that isn't just a little better than the norm; it needs to be a massive improvement.

Volume Vs Quality Recruiting models

6th April 2016

Volume & Quality value propositions At NatResPro, we pride ourselves on being at the low volume, high-quality end of the recruitment market.

Your Relationship With Your Recruiter

27th October 2015

I bet that you've been on some dangerous assignments. I'm sure there were a few regions and countries that you agreed to a well-paid contract while thinking “what am I doing, am I crazy? I need to call up and tell them I'm not going, that I have changed my mind”.


6th October 2015

  I understand you, I really do. Considering I don't know you, have never met you and might never meet you, this is a bold claim.