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Self-selecting candidates and good neighbourhoods…

‘They' say that we are the average of the six people that we spend time with.

‘They' say that you can tell a lot about people by the:

    • Clothes they wear


    • Newspapers that they read


    • School they went to


    • Car they drive

Etc etc…

Each and every one of us gravitates towards groups, interests and causes. We respond to a different type of message depending on who we are deep down.

On paper, two candidates might look similar or the even the same. Multiply that by ten, or sometimes a hundred, and an employer will struggle to identify the right short list. Candidates will present themselves in the best light possible (although not always)…

Have you ever seen a CV or resume that has fields for gambling addiction, hedonism or infidelity?

Have you ever seen a job application that admits anything that you might see as negative, or even offensive?

If you are an employer, by the time you come into contact with an applicant you will have only seen a glimpse of the person. This image will have been filtered and edited. When someone knows that there are being watched or scrutinised, they will create their best impression.

In fact, often the best person at pretending to be the best person will get the job, there is an element of performance involved.

The solution:

Imagine that there was a way that candidates self-selected themselves as being the most suitable for a job position? A way that the worst candidates self-rejected themselves? Imagine that they did this before coming into contact with you?

This process doesn't exist yet, unfortunately…

We at NatResPro can offer you the next best thing, though…

There are hundreds of places online where you can find candidate pools. There will obviously be duplicate candidates and crossovers of databases. There are databases with millions of candidate details in, and databases with only hundreds.

If you are looking at blue-collar jobs that aren't industry specific such as cooks, cleaners and so on, then we can't help.

If you are looking at high-level key personnel then which skill pool would you prefer to choose to start your search?

All other things being equal, would you prefer to:

Look at candidates who have self-selected themselves to be in a database of millions, to have their details passed around? The ones who don't understand why they are getting all these cold calls for all kinds of products or services?


Go to a skill pool where each and every candidate has made a careful decision about who to trust their private details with.

Would you prefer to look at candidates who's CV submission process began where they clicked on a low-brow article such as:

“This $2 US oil producer has got the Saudis running scared.”


“OPEC is trying to destroy the US!”

Then just happened to see a CV upload button?

Or would you prefer to look at candidates who responded to a message of originality, honesty and professionalism?

After all, these will be the very same people that you will be entrusting the responsibility of people's lives and millions of dollars in equipment.

If you want to catch your target fish, you must fish in the pool that it might be swimming in

– Anon.

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