Using the volume approach is OK if you want lemons...

Volume & Quality value propositions

At NatResPro, we pride ourselves on being at the low volume, high-quality end of the recruitment market. In every industry, market leaders are those who create an optimal strategy where basic economics make clear sense to the consumer or purchaser. Every conceivable model can work for specific markets. We see different combinations of price, volume and quality in all industries.

There was a time where many people made basic value assumptions, such as:

    • Low price = low quality/high volume


    • High price = high quality/low volume

The real world is not as simple. Apple is one of the most successful high quality, high price and high volume companies that has ever existed.

Technological advancements can create models where we see high quality, high volume and low price, for example, in electronic storage chips.

‘Pile it high sell it low' is a phrase that was popular in the '80s when supermarkets and hypermarkets came to the fore. It was a compelling value proposition for consumers. They buy in bulk so that they get the economy of scale and leverage to haggle down prices. Then they allow you to buy it at a market-crushing price, often in an out of town shopping area where you can park for free right outside, and avoid the city traffic. It is no wonder why many local city centres get run down and devoid of shops.

You know these things, but here is the point:

We operate an online oil and gas recruitment website. We are aware that there are thousands of oil and gas recruiters in the world. We have seen one industry website who has 7,000+ recruiters registered with them.

We are also aware of high traffic websites in our industry, some attracting millions of page views per year. Some localised recruiters only have basic websites and rely on personal relationships and reputation alone.

We certainly have the full spectrum of price/volume/quality combinations on offer in the oil and gas human resources space.

Which is the best model? Having millions of page views almost guarantees a profitable company but is hard to achieve. Having a small number of relationships that offer repeat business is a low cost, low maintenance but fragile.

More importantly, what is best - FOR YOU!

For anyone who is a hiring manager and decision-maker who doesn't give a crap about the thousands of recruitment companies, this article is for you. It is far more vital that you are satisfied with your chosen recruiters than what is going on in someone else's market, right?

What do you want? Here is my guess you want to be able to:

    1. Find qualified and available people with the right combination of skills and experience.


    1. Find them quickly without having to spend a lot of wasted time dealing with people that don't know what they are talking about (the recruiters and the unsuitable candidates).


    1. Find the people you want as cheaply as possible.


    1. Deal with a recruiter who knows what you want and doesn't cause you headaches.


    1. Deal with recruiters that understand and apply the ‘golden rule.'

Am I right? These five points summarise our core principles in the setup and operation of NatResPro.

When evaluating a company or a business offer, it is not enough to ask "is it good?" We must ask "is it good... For me?" A website who boasts millions of visitors, CV's, revenue or anything else might sound great in theory, but will these large numbers help you solve your problem? In many cases, that answer is no.

If you are a seasonal lemon farmer who needs to recruit hundreds of people to harvest in a short period, the volume recruiting model makes sense. If they are available and can pick the lemons, then they are worth a shot, you will soon see if they are working or not.

If you are representing an energy company who needs to build a specialist team who can meet deadlines and minimise the chances of costly mistakes, then the ‘pile it high, sell it low' model might be like searching through the proverbial haystack. You certainly don't want to end up with a different type of lemon.

What if you could find a human resources solution where you could be offered precisely the right people, with little time or effort on your part, but still pay a low price? You would think that you are on to a winner - welcome to NatResPro.

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